Steel Fabrication

Labcon is a recognised leader in the specialised field of steel fabrication, a vital process that plays a critical role in the production of a wide array of items. We acknowledge the pivotal importance of precision and quality in steel fabrication, as they are instrumental in upholding the integrity and safety of the final product. Our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in steel fabrication underscores our commitment to delivering results that are not only high in quality but also exceptionally reliable, consistently meeting the stringent standards necessary to ensure the safety and flawless functionality of the end product.

We provide the following Steel Services:

  • 3d Mechanical Design

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Fabrication Projects

  • Laser Cutting

  • Bending of Plates

  • Rolling of Plates

  • Tick Welding

  • Mic Welding

  • Sandblasting

  • Surface Finishing