Water Distiller WS02-30

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LABCON Waterstills are robustly constructed from 304 Stainless Steel ensuring a long
service life. The exterior is finished in a durable chemical resistant coat with a textured
finish. Corrosion resistant incaloy sheathed elements of a low watts density ensures long
element life. All Labcon Waterstills are fitted with a preset safety cut out thermostat. The
safety device protects the elements and chamber from possible damage in the event
of water failure.

Model WS02 – comes complete with built-in Stainless Steel storage tank. The “full”
level is controlled by an electronic level switch which cuts power to the elements once
the “full” level is reached, and “on” when distillate is drawn from the storage tank.

Distillate quality conforms to British, European and International Pharmacopeia Code.

The process is a single distillation process. Conductivity will vary depending on the
chemical composition of the water prior to distillation. Tests conducted on water with
a conductivity of approximately 205µS/cm @ 20ºC prior to distillation, evidenced a
conductivity of approximately 8µS/cm @ 20ºC after distillation.

Water Distiller WS02-30

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